The Beautiful Blessing of a Son

Middle age for us all. Our son included.  What a joy to have a good hug from a son who gives the very best hugs.  He tends the yards and keeps them lovely to stroll or just gaze upon. Doting on the Grand-dog-ter is another special skill set, but it is a beauty to behold. On Sunday mornings, after I’ve gotten ready for church, the only son will offer a compliment as to my appearance, or maybe dust me off if necessary.

The joy of having people who care, who love, who laugh and make us laugh is a joyful blessing.


The Future Remains Open

As backwards as it may sound to the reading ear, the future, any future of anyone, anywhere at any time: Remains open.

Constantly. Infinitely definitely open.

Open to change, open to improve. Open for new ideas and new directions, and dreams, hopes and goals and joys.

There are doors and windows open. There are no ceilings; glass or otherwise.  There are no bars, barriers or limitations.

Our universes are expanding and ALL the scientists know expansions will be infinite