Mr. Amazing and I enjoyed a popular tourist’s venue.  We paid a lot of money for each ticket. The outdoor theater setting was a perfection of light and temperature, like an impressionist’s painting come to life. There were no disappointments for either of us. The performances were well done, the costumes brilliantly colored and uniquely creative. The actor’s timing and talent were a pleasure to watch.

For we two avid people watchers there were bonuses to see all around us. At the generous break time, we waited in line for our sandwiches and drinks. Sprinkled about were tables and shades and lawn benches, and a few folding chairs.

Near where we stood, a man sat with his head bowed onto the back of his hands.  His fingers, shoulders, and every part of him sagged, deeply to the ground.  A woman leaned toward him and asked. “Do you want me to call the pilot and have the plane readied?”

Side to side he shook his head, a frown consumed his mouth, his eyes, and his forehead. Seeing his motion, she hurriedly said. “We could go to Denver or San Francisco. Anywhere really.”

“No. There is nothing there, anywhere really. No.”

We took in their wardrobe of wealth. The woman’s expression was clearly one of loving compassion. Their skins glowed with vigor and health and a clarity in their eyes that could only be from physical health. Diamonds sparkled at her neck and wrist.

Again he said, genuinely and heartfelt from his perspective. “No. There is nothing there, anywhere really. No.”